Maintenance on AC Unit
The best way to lower your HVAC repair or replacement costs over time is to sign up for preventive maintenance. Arce Heating & AC offers a full range of services to keep your heating and air conditioning units working throughout the year. Our preventive maintenance plan is available to residents in and around Fort Mill and Indian Land, SC. We also service the Pineville, NC area.

    Get Annual Tune-Ups and Inspections

    To ensure that your HVAC equipment is in top shape, we offer thorough maintenance services annually. Here’s a comprehensive list of the services included in our preventive maintenance package:

    • Summer Checkups
    • Refrigerant Pressure Checks
    • Refrigerant Leak Tests
    • Compressor and Motor Amperage and Voltage Checks
    • Fan Motors and Compressor Checks
    • Capacitor Checks
    • Contractor and Electrical Wiring Checks
    • Condenser Cleanings
    • Indoor and Outdoor Coil Checks
    • Condensate Drain Checks
    • Filter Checks

    We charge $16 per month for our preventive maintenance package, which includes bi-annual visits from our crew. For each additional unit at your property, we charge an extra $5. Signing up for our maintenance package makes you a priority customer-if your unit breaks, you’re on the top of our list for repairs, and you’ll get 10% off the cost.

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